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Housed next to the train tracks, our building was made to house antiques and collectibles. With various sections of the building you never know what you'll discover. Each room is different from the last, each aisle housing something unique. 

Aged mechanics

Old telephones, clocks, more

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Office traditionals

Desks, chairs, writing utensils, more

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We believe and understand all antiques are important to and have great sentimental value. We want to help you find the items you too may treasure for years to come. Our principles are to bring you unique treasures that give you something to talk about.

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Phone: 708-354-1700

Hours: Mon. Closed, Tues. - Sat. 11am to 5pm, Sun. 12-5pm 

We love the history of the items we find. Our philosophy is to preserve the story behind the pieces you discover.

Antique rarities

Cash registers, phone boxes, more

& Collectibles

‣   Frames & Guilded Objects

Passion, desire, and a real love of antiques makes our vendors unique. This is seen in the pieces they bring in and the way they discuss the treasures they discover. Our vendors love to find not only unique items but rare pieces as well. 


Many of our vendors are always interested in purchasing your treasures. Stop by or give us a call with details about the piece you are interested in selling. You never know! One of the vendors could be interested in purchasing it from you today.



Have a piece that you'd like to try and sell? We offer consignment services. For more information please contact us by phone to set up an appointment.